Faisal Ali qane

Faisal Ali Qane: The pioneer of the fur trade in the UAE

IntroductionAnimal fur trading has been a worldwide industry during the past, even though it is not at its peak at present but it is still...
Faisal Ali Qane Motors

Qane Motors: A Successful Journey

Faisal Ali Qane is known for his luxurious lifestyle and his passion for sports cars. He has been inclined toward luxury cars and sports vehicles...
Faisal Ali Qane

Advice From Faisal Qane For Investing In Real Estate In The UAE

Since the last few years, the dynamics of the UAE’s Real Estate market have completely shifted and this shift has provided excellent investment opportunities for...

Moafaq Al Gaddah: An inspirational rise

Moafaq Al Gaddah is the owner of the renowned MAG group. It is primarily operative in the UAE with expansion plans in the entire gulf...

Mark Zuckerberg – Changing Life For A Perfect Life

The founder of the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook, is an inspiration to many young entrepreneur. Mark Zuckerberg’s life-changing advices for the innovators of...