Anas Bukhash is a 39 year old serial entrepreneur of the Gulf region. He is known as the serial entrepreneur because he is now the owner of multiple companies that are doing well in the region. Like every entrepreneur he has something to teach the young lot. His life story has profound lessons for those who want to take the initiative and do something worthwhile with their lives. Anas Bukhash’s story is featuring on our webpage because of the inspiration that he has become in the UAE.

Early life:

Anas Bukhash did not have very poor origins; however, he was not a billionaire either. He went to the US and acquired a university degree from there. After his return to the UAE, he joined the corporate sector where he worked for more than 12 years. According to Bukhash, he learned about management processes, structures, and legalities involved in operational issues from his experience in the corporate sector.
But Anas Bukhash became increasingly restless with the passage of time. One of the driving factors for his entrepreneurial talents was the redundancies and inefficiencies of the corporate sector. He liked the idea of “being your own boss.”

Entrepreneurial career

After leaving the corporate sector, Bukhash started to work on his debut project known as Ahdaaf Sports Club. He got the idea of an indoor sports facility while studying in the US and wanted to establish his own in the UAE. Though getting the funding for his project was not an easy part, he had to convince the investors for the viability of his project and finally, he was able to do so. It became the first indoor sporting facility in the UAE.

Bukhash Brothers

Next in his line of projects was Bukhash Brothers, it became the first celebrity and influencer marketing company in the gulf region. Over a period of time, he was able to build the foundation of the company by growing the network of his company. He made contacts with various celebrities, footballers, and other famous personalities who would seek advice from Bukhash Brothers during their visit to the UAE. Their breakthrough projects were with Selena Gomez and Will Smith and after that, there was no turning back for the company.

Buka and Chalk

After the meteoric rise of the previous projects Anas Bukhash has now penetrated the clothing industry and Salon business. He is offering high-end luxury clothes under the umbrella of Buka. Whereas, the salon named Chalk is also one of Bukhash’s trademark projects.
Lessons that Anas Bukhash has to offer to the young entrepreneurs:

Don’t do it for the money:
Anas tells the young ones to never do a job for money but for the passion. If money is a target then you will quite easily if you don’t make money in the beginning. So the idea will not flourish.

Would you do it if you had money:
The simple question to ask yourselves is that would you be doing the same job if you had ample money. If the answer is in the affirmative then you really are engaged in what you enjoy doing; otherwise, you need to think again!

Build a team:
There is always a limit to what an individual can do, after all we have limited amount of time per day. So the best strategy is to build a strong team to make your business a going-concern according to Anas Bukhash.

Time management:
Time management is the cornerstone of success. If things are to be done properly, then
investment needs to be made in time. Without investing time, rewards would be hard to come by.