Faisal Ali Qane began his career in the UAE as a Real Estate Agent a few years ago. He started off by helping his valued clients find the perfect investment opportunities. Over the years he has gained considerable experience in the field and today he is one of the renowned property dealers in the UAE’s property market.
Faisal considers his extrovert nature and brilliant communication skills as the main drivers that motivated him to explore the Real Estate business in the UAE. Being a state agent gave Faisal the opportunity to connect with new people on a day to day basis, from there on he has built his career and expanded his network that is very vast and trusted today. In this entire process, Faisal has learned many things. The fast-paced working environment and his personal inspiration to grow big in the property business have led him to success in the field.

Faisal Ali Qane

The combination of his passion, skills, and knowledge has given him the opportunity
to make a name for himself in this field. Today, his Real Estate business is growing at a
rapid pace in the UAE, not only is his business recognized locally but it is cherished on
an international level as well. He is one of the authorized and most trusted dealers
operating in the UAE currently.
However, building this entire business in the Real Estate was not an easy feat for Faisal Ali Qane. Being new to the field, many of Faisal’s clients found it a challenge to pin their hopes in him. But, with his gifted skills, he was quickly able to convince them and win them over because property business was more than just a job for Faisal, it was his passion and commitment that he was making to the field. This unshakable confidence and faith in his own abilities laid the foundation for his success in the property business.

Experience Faisal Ali Qane in the UAE as a Real Estate businessman

Faisal considers UAE to be the perfect place for young entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the business world. As long as the younger lot has unwavering faith and confidence in their own abilities and is sure about what they want to achieve then setting up a property business in the UAE is not a huge challenge. Faisal also considers the business environment in the UAE to be very supportive as smart e-Government services that are available online can make life easier for those who want to invest in the Real Estate business.
Over the years Faisal Ali Qane has helped a number of people in learning to operate smart e-Government services to apply for trade licenses, issuing visas and getting Ejari for the offices.


Faisal Ali Qane shared a few professional tips for all the young entrepreneurs who want to invest in the property business in the UAE and aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Faisal Ali Qane. Here are the topmost tips that Faisal shared for his young followers:
Stay ahead of the lot: Property market in the UAE is a dynamic place that constantly undergoes changes. It’s important to be informed about all the latest updates and rules that are prevalent in the market at the time of making investment. Real Estate laws in the UAE keep on changing as innovations are constantly pouring in this business. So an investor needs to be aware of the changing laws and adapt to them immediately. 
Know the right Real Estate agent: Faisal as a Real Estate investor believes that there are many agents out there who strike deal just to make quick buck and commission without taking into account the needs of the client. This always backfires in the long-run. As an investor, it is very important to know the right dealer in the market who can guide his client through the process of making investment in the property business.
Physically inspect the site: In order to be successful, the investor should know the areas that they are dealing with. Faisal suggests that investors should personally visit and inspect the site where investment is to be made and not rely on the Real Estate agents completely. Moreover, it is also suggested that investors should talk to the local people before making an investment in a neighbourhood.

It is evident from the above that making an investment in the UAE’s property market requires skills and expertise. Faisal Ali Qane has become a brand in the UAE’s property market based on his skill. The reputation and trust that he has gained with his clients takes usually takes years; however, Faisal has been able to achieve so much in such little time owing to his dedication and passion in the field. He is indeed a Gulf Influencer who will continue to influence the region for a long time to come.