Animal fur trading has been a worldwide industry during the past, even though it is not at its peak at present but it is still an investment avenue worth exploring. It involves selling and purchasing of animal fur and its trade throughout various countries. There are local and international laws that govern this business. However, contemporarily is not as simple as it once used to be. Fur trade requires considerable expertise and skills to operate the business profitably. Fur trade in the UAE has big names in the business. A company named Fokos Furs has been operating in the UAE since 1978, another big name in this industry is of an individual named Faisal Ali Qane. There are other business owners such as Haris Vanidis and Chrestos Gitsas who are actively engaged in the UAE’s fur trading industry. However the focus of our piece would be on Faisal Qane owing to his experience and expertise in the fur trading business in the UAE.

The journey of Faisal Qane
Just like any other big businessman, Faisal Qane did not have an easy rise to the top. He had to work his way up by learning from experiences at a very young age. Thanks to his entrepreneurial abilities and his immaculate understanding of processes involved in carrying out a business he was able to become a big name in the fur trading industry.
He started to get a know-how of the fur trade by traveling to various countries in Europe and Africa. He is originally from Afghanistan and started his journey from there. Slowly and gradually he moved up the ladder of the fur business and soon started trading across the Central Asian region. He finally decided to establish his business in the UAE owing to the advantages that its strategic location offers.

How Faisal Ali Qane made it big in the fur industry?

Despite the hurdles created by the animal rights organizations and other such groups who advocate against the slaughter of animals for fur, Faisal Ali Qane was able to make it big legally and successfully. Here’s a brief look at his techniques that helped him shape his rise to the top.

Follow the legal route:
Faisal Ali Qane believes that there is always a legal way out of any situation. He understood the local and international laws that governed the fur trade and then started to invest in this business. His rich legal knowledge made it possible for him to grow as an entrepreneur in the business.

Establishing small and medium enterprises:
Faisal Ali Qane has not only benefited himself from the business but he also helped many others in getting employment. He visited far-flung areas in various countries of Africa and Europe. There he met people from very humble backgrounds and trained them in the skill of making export-quality fur. He proposed to skin only those animals that are slaughtered for eating purposes. Faisal never supports the undue killing of animals for fur only. In this way, he was able to gain support from the local population and established small and medium industries in those regions.

Personal training to the workers:
Faisal personally trained many people in the art of developing export-quality fur. He taught them bleaching techniques and preservation methods so that the fur produced would be of high-quality. These industries became his supply base for fur in the UAE. From there he started to export fur to various countries which include the US, UK, Canada, and many others.

Faisal as the gulf influencer:
Faisal believe that many investors waste an extraordinary opportunity to invest money owing to misconceptions about the fur industry. He has made a name for himself only because he was able to spot the opportunity where others saw hurdles.

Today his name is amongst the giants in the fur trading business. He deals with big brands such as Gucci, Armani, and many other top-rated clothing businesses. He is certainly someone who has influenced the region positively and his experience can serve as a lesson for many future entrepreneurs.

Animal fur trading is far from being dead. It still holds immense potential for the upcoming entrepreneurs who want to grow in a business that many consider a dying industry. Even though there are hurdles in the fur business, but people like Faisal Qane have proven time and again that when there is a will there is away.