Faisal Ali Qane, the CEO of Majestic Arts Global, is a gigantic figure in the world of arts. His aesthetic sense sets him apart from any ordinary man. He has made a name for himself over the years and continues to hunt for treasures in the field of arts. Faisal has not had an easy journey to the top, like every inspirational figure he has had to struggle his way through to the top. Let’s have a detailed look at his life story and the lessons that young people can learn from this towering figure.

Beginning of Faisal Ali Qane’s career

Faisal Ali Qane started his journey in the field of arts as a Karakul Fur trader in the beginning of the year 2000. Despite starting small from Afghanistan he was able to expand his supply through sheer talent and hard work. Soon he was able to expand his supply chain and establish his own vast network of Fur trade that included countries such as Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Namibia to Eastern and Western Europe. Such a rise in a short span of time points towards Qane’s talents in the field. Qane soon struck the right chord with the Legends in Fur trading industry and Great Arts Collectors. He was able to sift the valuable material from a range of collectibles, his hawkish eye for the pieces of art earned him a positive reputation in no time. He even had the privilege of having an association with those renowned experts who exclusively traded the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Growth of Qane’s Fur business

Faisal Ali Qane was able to grow his Fur business to an extent that he was now trading Fur for world-famous brands like Prada, Fendi, Dior, and Chanel. While he was doing exceedingly well in his Fur trading business, he also tried to step into the business of Art Works. Soon he was able to get associated with those Art Technocrats who had expertise in applying Multispectral Imaging Techniques for evaluating the pieces of Art.

Focus shifts to Works of Art

Faisal Ali Qane’s focus shifted from trading in Fur business to the business of collecting and selling works of Art. His association with the right people and his talents in the field soon enabled him to make a name for himself. He was able to increase his business turnover in the field to more than 6 billion dollars owing to his immaculate aesthetic sense and his technical skills that were way ahead of time.
Faisal Qane is now the CEO of Majestic Arts Global. This speaks volumes for his experience and services rendered in the field of Art.

Faisal Ali Qane: The Advisor

Faisal Qane continued to trade in the pieces of Art and gained so much experience in the field that now he even advises renowned entities in making the right investment in the world of arts. His clients range from Investors and Bankers from various regions i.e. Americas, Africa, GCC, CIS, and Asia.
Today, Qane is a brand name in the world of Arts. He advises a range of clients and has been able to gain trust of his investors. The most difficult aspect of trading in arts is to invest money in the authentic pieces of art, this is where Qane offers his valuable services. His experience and expertise in the technical knowledge of authentic artwork make him an indispensable asset for investors around the globe.
Since trading in Works of Art involves billions of dollars, it is pertinent to hire services of a person who understands the dynamics of the investment and makes that investment worth the money spent. Faisal Ali Qane is the person who has been doing it for his clients over the years now and his technical knowledge about his job makes him a unique individual in the field of Art.