Huda Kattan has revolutionised the beauty industry in the gulf region. In a short span of few years she has been able to compete with the likes of Urban Decay and Sephora cosmetic brands. She is also among the top-20 bloggers of the Middle East. Despite having dark complexion she was able to not let it become a stigma for herself and for those around her. She had to struggle with self-confidence during her formative years; however, she was able to overcome this challenge bravely and launched her own beauty products and home remedies on social media.

Early life

Huda Kattan’s early childhood was spent in the US. She was born in Oklahoma in 1983. She even graduated from a university in the US; however, she struggled in her job at a finance company. She met her now-husband Chris Goncalo at the university. The couple decided to move to Dubai in 2006 where Huda witnessed her meteoric rise as a beauty artist. In the process she was helped by her sisters- Alya and Mona.

Fame through blogging

Huda earned her early fame through blogging that she started in 2010. She became famous especially for her viral beauty tips and hacks that earned her global fame. She immediately started gathering many followers in the process. Today her blog boasts more than 45 million views per year and her make-up is stocked in more than 1500 stores across the world.

Need for false eyelashes started it all!

Huda launched her false beauty lashes after she identified a gap in the market when she herself went to buy the same and could not find them in the market. She went on to launch the false lashes under her own brand name. The product became an immediate hit with the consumers. Today Huda Beauty boasts a range of more than 140 products across 1500 beauty stores around the world. Such rise could not have been possible without persistence and hard work that Huda has put in.

An advocate of self-love

Huda has always supported the idea accepting yourself as you are. She never promotes false beauty and believes in enhancing the natural beauty that a person bestowed with. She has herself struggled with social acceptance early on in life but now she has learned her lesson. She also supported the movement called #blacklivesmatter by giving them $5000000.
Today Huda is more than just a beauty brand. She is a Dubai-based entrepreneur who is shaping and influencing the lives of more than 45 million people. This population is more than 5 times that of Dubai. Huda is constantly adding products to her beauty empire and is offering a variety of options to her customers.
The lessons that young entrepreneurs can derive are that you need to identify the gaps in the
market and fill those by bringing in your products and solutions in a timely manner. Moreover,
following your passion is the key to success. Huda followed her passion for beauty products and
she was able to create a niche for herself.