Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian footballer, who plays for Premier League in England for a
renowned club known as Liverpool. He is the maestro of skillful maneuvers with the ball on the pitch. His rise to the club has been phenomenal and he is widely known across the globe not only for his footballing skills but also because of his personality. He is also loved across the Arab World. He was also placed among the top 100 influential Arabs of the world by the Times magazine in 2019.

Early Life

Mohamed Salah was born in Egypt. During his formative years, he was not very good with academics but since everyone is bestowed with a particular talent, Salah found out his own talent when he first played football. He enjoyed the experience and started to participate in local competitions. His hours of practice with the ball earned him quick success at the big stage. Mohammad Salah, during his childhood, was not a very strong figure; however, his nimbleness with the ball was matchless even at a very young age.

Journey to Liverpool

Mohamed Salah was spotted by talent hunt programs of big clubs. He was immediately selected because of his talents. Salah’s first international club was a Swiss club named Basel. From there he never looked back. He was then selected by Chelsea, and English football club; however, he could not perform there and moved to another club. Finally was invited by Liverpool and was offered an attractive contract. It is at Liverpool that he found his true fame. He earned a huge fan following there and became a fan favorite.
Back home he was appreciated for his skill and across the Arab world, he gained influence. Today he is one of the most respected footballers in the Arab World. Liverpool fans even went on to the extent of converting to Islam if Salah continued to score goals for Liverpool. There were many convert stories that followed his track record of goals as well.

Salah’s influence in the Gulf region

As stated above Mohamed Salah is the most respected footballer in the Gulf region. He is the well-reputed footballer of the Arab World who has left an indelible mark on the world of football. Salah’s influence can be gauged from the fact that he has been featured in two prominent magazines i.e. GQ Middle East and Time. Salah has been an advocate of women’s equality in the gulf region.

Salah’s personal statue

In the January of year 2020 Mohamed Salah with having a wax statue at Madam Tassauds in London. The statue will be officially unveiled later in the year 2020. This wax statue is a symbol of Salah’s influence and power not only in the Middle East but across the globe.

Lessons from Salah’s life

There numerous lessons that can be derived from Mohamed Salah’s life. The most important one is to be original and humble. Despite having fame, Salah is a pious Muslim and a very humble human being. He even celebrates his goals by performing Sujood. The hard work and perseverance with which Salah has struggled throughout his life have earned him the accolades that he enjoys today. These are the reasons for choosing him on the platform of